Allow embedding notes with custom (even empty) title instead of "filename" title

Use case or problem

I want to have an “overview” note with few headers where each header embeds some other note. This works correctly, but the embed contains the redundant filename title which I want to remove, because I want to have it specified as a header myself.

For example:

# Overview

## Some note
![[some_note] <-- I don't want "some_note" to be showed as title in the embed

## Another note
![[another_note] <-- I don't want "another_note" to be showed as title in the embed

I searched on forum and found this (now locked) topic: How do I embed notes without the title

So as the others, I would like an easy way to hide the filename title from embedded blocks.

Proposed solution

In the thread mentioned above they suggest using custom CSS as a workaround, but I think there is a nicer and better way to handle this.

  • The difference between wiki links and embeds is just the ! at the start of wiki link - as in ![[some_note] (embed) vs [[some_note]] (link)
  • The link variant supports custom title - as in [[some_note|Custom title]], but setting custom title on embeds currently completely ignores the custom title.

I propose to use the custom title (if specified) as the title in the embed instead of the filename title which is always used now. This would also support setting empty title as it works for links normally too.

This could be even seen as a “bug” report right now instead of feature request, because the custom title has no effect when used as embed, while it is correctly shown when used as a link.

Example uses:

  • ![[some_note]] - this is same as it works now, would show “some_note” as the embed’s title.
  • ![[some_note|Custom title]] - would show “Custom title” as the embed’s title. Currently this has no effect.
  • ![[some_note|]] - would hide the embed’s title altogether and show just the content of the embedded note. Currently this has no effect.

Have a look at SIRvb’s Embed Adjustment options.