All menu access requires a double tap on iPadOs

What I’m trying to do

Open the main menu on my iPad. Access any of the main menu items. This always requires two taps to work.

Things I have tried

  • Disabling all community plugins and restarting
  • Testing on my iPhone. Here it works fine accessing the same Obsidian synced vault.

I think it’s a bug that hasn’t been reported. There was a help thread about it that didn’t get much response. I’m in the thread saying I don’t see it, but I do see it now. I had meant to test more and revisit the thread but didn’t before it auto-closed. I definitely see it now, tho, and it’s annoying.

Someone on Discord mentioned it recently but I don’t think they’ve posted a bug report. If you do it before either of us, tag me and I’ll upvote/comment.

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Oh thank the gods it’s not just me! I’ve been putting up with this because i work on my iPad a lot and many things for me focus back to Obsidian. So no choice (other than to stop using Obsidian).

Hopefully it gets some attention. Please tag me as well and I’ll upvote.

So I started to file a bug report but in following the instructions I identified the fault area. I use Minimal and Style settings. Change the theme to default (or any other theme) and the problem goes away. Change it back to Minimal and it’s back.

I’ve not got time at the minute but I’m wondering if there’s a setting in Minimal that needs changing or perhaps it’s a Minimal bug.

Oddly its only an issue in iPadOs. IOS is fine.

I’ve seen it too, but lately not been on the Pad so didn’t cross my mind enough times to file a report.

Huh, I’m already on the default theme.

I’ve now delved into the minimal settings but can’t see anything that would appear to affect touch on iPadOS.

I’m not sure where to go from here. This definitely a replicable problem. However the instructions for filing a bug make it clear that bugs will be rejected unless the fault occurs on the base code with no add-ons and using the default theme. The problem disappears for me though when I use the default theme.

Is anyone aware of where you can go to get support for issues with minimal?

You can go to the issues pages of Minimal’s GitHub, which should be linked from its theme listing.

I’m seeing the problem without Minimal, tho, so there will be a bug report at some point.

Thanks for that. I think someone else is going to have to file the bug report because, when I follow the instruction to test with the default theme, the issue disappears. Frustrating.

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