iPad touches often require two taps to register … why?

When navigating the iPad version of Obsidian, doing simple things like opening a new tab or going into preview mode requires two taps. The first always brings up the keyboard.

Is this just me? Is there any way to fix this?

I’m very clearly touching EXACTLY where I’m meant to be. The first tap triggers the keyboard (even when it’s not in the text area). The second tap triggers the desired action. It’s quite frustrating. Same behaviour when using the Apple Magic Keyboard and trackpad mouse.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t see that behavior. Did you try the debugging steps?

Thanks. And yep, it’s still there if I start from absolute scratch. Here’s a screen recording:


  1. Create a new vault and enter
  2. Create a file and dismiss the keyboard.
  3. Touch the 3 vertical dots (upper right) to bring up menu. Do again. This works as expected. You can see the dots blink as I touch them.
  4. Touch the open space to bring up the keyboard and type “Hi”. Dismiss the keyboard.
  5. Repeat 3 above. Ie touch the 3 dots to bring up menu. But this time the keyboard raises, and no menu. Dismiss keyboard and repeat a few times to verify behaviour. Again you can see the dots blink as I touch them correctly.

Here I’m isolating the problem. But it happens with many UI elements. The keyboard triggers, and you need a second touch on the element for it to register and make the keyboard go away.

Do you find the same with a totally fresh vault?

I’m on an iPad Pro 2021 model, everything updated to the latest versions.

BTW I don’t know the best way to post screen recordings here. I hope the iCloud share works.

Anyone able to confirm the behaviour I’m seeing in my screen recording?

It’s using a vanilla vault, and everything is the latest version. So I assume this is everyone’s experience…? Seems like a bug.

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