Aliases for Saved searches

Use case or problem

Sometimes it is difficult to decipher what Saved searches mean - especially when it is in the form of a Regex equation, or when the query expression is long.

Here’s an example

Even the ‘Explain search term’ feature doesn’t help much

Proposed solution

This can be solved by having the ability to add Aliases to saved searches. This can also help in the case of query embeds.

Current workaround (optional)

Right now, I add manually tag to each page which appears in the search results.
ie, I add a #Query/so-and-so tag to each page.

But this is counterintuitive and tedious, given there isn’t a way to batch add (o remove or edit or nest) tags.

A Query or saved search is a kind of tag, I’ve felt; A Tag for untagged documents. (In fact, somebody from the discord wrote a query to find untagged notes! )
Having meaningful names for queries can save a lot of time!

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