Advanced Tables Plugin

if you use <br>, you get a line wrap inside the cell in edit mode.

@OlivierPS: I use Typora too, and have done so for around 3 years. What you state here is not correct either.

When you put <br> inside a cell you do get a line wrap, but it is NOT in Edit mode. Typora is a WYSIWYG editor, so anything you do is immediately rendered as a Preview mode, although the Preview mode is editable.

If you want the real Edit mode, you have to turn on what Typora calls “Source Code Mode” If you then look at a cell with <br> in it you’ll see it is just as ugly as Obsidian’s Edit mode for tables, with NO lines wrapped. They only get wrapped when you go back to Typora’s normal, WYSIWYG mode.

Furthermore, in Typora’s normal, WYSIWYG mode the <br> tag remains visible in the cell, whereas in Obsidian it disappears when you turn on Preview.

Last but not least, next year Licat will start work on a WYSIWYG mode as a 3rd mode for Obsidian, something I have been eagerly waiting for since I started using Obsidian.

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Visible < br > in Typora is an option you can turn on and off (Edit/Whitespace and Line Breaks)

Also just a small convenience info - shift+return when editing a table will add a < br > automatically and keeps the cursor within the cell.


Thanks for that, I had completely forgotten about it. I remember now why I kept it visible: with WYSIWYG it is not always clear why there is a break unless you revert to “Source Code Mode”.

Hi! thank you for creating the plugin, helps a lot by not being distracted with formatting as I have slight OCD.

I usually export my notes in pdf to read them on my mobile and I noticed that , while in markdown the tables look really good and readable, they are all messed up in alignment when converted to PDF. How can I fix that?

I am guessing that is because the PDF renderer does not use a monospace font when rendering the table.

I don’t have any knowledge of how the PDF renderer functions, so I don’t have a great answer. Maybe you could render them in preview mode instead?

Sorry I don’t have a better answer here!

Hi! I found this plugin by accident today and it was everything I needed. However, I can’t seem to get it to work at all.

I already changed the font to mono spaced, I already deactivated the themes and even so I can’t make the tables be created as described in this plugin.

I’m using the latest version of Obsidian on Pop! OS 20.10.



Hey @eddiecsilva, if you have a Github account please make a new issue here:

If not, please send me a DM with an example of the table you are trying to work on. You can also open the console (ctrl+shift+i) and let me know if there are any errors.

Thank you!

Just updated to Obsidian 0.10.12 and now Advanced Table Plugin is not working correctly. Cannot get the table tool bar to open with hotkeys or clicking on the icon? Some functions will work with hotkeys such as the align left, right, etc.

Is anybody else having issues?

I just checked and it seems to be working for me in 0.10.12. Can you provide a screenshot or recording of your what’s not working? It would be also be helpful to see any logs from the console (ctrl/cmd+shift+i). It might be best to put this in a new github issue:

Ok I figured out what’s going on. Just updated to the new version 0.10.0, not sure what version I had before. Now when clicking the sidebar icon or using the hotkey the toolbar now opens in the far right sidebar along side the Links, tags and outline icons. Is this the current behavior as opposed to the toolbar in the note window with the table?

That’s correct, the toolbar which showed up in the table has been replaced. The new one is an Obsidian pane that can be moved around where ever you like. If it’s open but hidden, the hotkey will bring it to the front again.

Thanks for the confirmation and a great plugin.

Hi! I’m using the Minimal Theme and after installing the Advanced Table plugin I noticed that it changes the font size of the code blocks (not inline-code). Is this something that I can revert using a css snippet?

Are the code blocks in a table?

This is an example (preview mode):
1 - with Advanced Tables disable

2- with Advanced Tables enable

In the preview mode the font-size of all the code blocks (outside the table) increases in size.

Ah okay, that should only be happening inside tables. I filed a bug report to fix that. Thanks for the screenshots.

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I loved the popup toolbar because when I’m working on my laptop I don’t have a lot of room on the screen for the side panels and tend to keep them closed - the new tool pane just takes too much space.

Would it be possible to have an option to choose between having a toolbar or the pane?
If not, then perhaps you could consider an option to display all the icons in the pane as a single line so that the pane could be docked above/below the main editing pane, taking up very little space?

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@rzt, I did put a lot of effort into creating a more toolbar shaped pane in Obsidian which could sit above the editor. Unfortunately it really goes against how Obsidian wants panes to look and I ended up scraping the idea after determining it was not going to be very stable.

I too agree that there are use cases where the in-line toolbar was really nice, however I do not have the bandwidth to maintain two versions of the toolbar.

Totally understand.

Would allowing the icons to be displayed as a single line in the pane be feasible? That way I could position the toolbar above the main note like so…


Or maybe there is some CSS snippet that would do the trick… ?