Adding sketches and doodles to obsidian on mobile

I’d like to supplement note taking in android obsidian with rough sketches, is there any way to do that easily?

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There are several community plugins to incorporate handwriting in your Obsidian vault:


Currently there is no serious plugin available to draw. I think at skilled creatives like product designers, architects, movie/ game concept artists used to think always in visual terms.

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They said rough sketches, so I think the existing plugins are plenty powerful. Also, it’s a bit disrespectful to dismiss Excalidraw as “not serious”, but perhaps you meant not for professionals?

I tested Excalidraw on iOS/Safari. Continuous line drawing is buggy so don’t use it on mobile. Two finger dragging doesn’t work really well (on mobile). This is very big disappointment but could be solved by using small wireless keyboard. I think wireless mobile keyboard with your phone / tablet is useful anyway when you want to draw, change line colors and then pan view. The developer isn’t dumb and the keyboard support in Excalidraw is incredible. On MacBook touch pad two finger panning and zooming in/out works really well. MacBook combined with cheap drawing tablet gives excellent drawing experience for mathematics for example. In Excalidraw you just right click and then select png to export to clipboard which is really handy and you can save interactive drawings to local without paying anything and with Excalidraw Obsidian plugin you get free device sync if you use iCloud.

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