Adding Links on Images to other Notes?

I’ve tried searching the forum and haven’t quite been able to find this, but is there a way to add a link to an image to a different note?

My thought was that something like this would work:


But alas it, along with several other variations, didn’t work. Maybe I just missed something?

The idea is to be able to view a rendered preview of a note where I could click the image and be taken to the note that I linked it with.

Either way, I love the app, just trying to make some nice workflows for myself.


Hm. It doesn’t look like it. I just tried all manner of options—e.g.,
<a href="some%20linked%20note"><img src="someimage.png"></img></a>
<a href="some%20note">![[test.png]]</a>
![[[some linked note]]](test.png)

It looks like no matter what, the link gets sanitized out. Hmm…

No worries. I know it’s a little nuanced. Was just trying to make a fancy looking page, I can work around it in the meantime. Thanks for your effort!

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You might want to use Mermaid’s ability to link to notes. See Obsidian Links in Mermaid and Mermaid "/links" for non-english characters