Added Daily Note Functionality

Use case or problem

When you want to save yourself from copying over and removing items from today’s and future Daily Notes.

Proposed solution

If, like another request linked to below, yesterday’s Daily Note items were automatically copied to today’s Daily Note when today began. It could also be possible to have yesterday’s items within headings be copied into their respective headings for today.

This also brings up the possibility that you may not want some items copied over. Perhaps there could be a heading name like “Remove” that would be designated to not be copied (except into tomorrow’s Remove list), and instead would actually remove those items from the next day if they already had them (would/could be specific to subheading within Remove assuming you used headings within Daily Note).

For future Daily notes, maybe there could be functionality to Copy Forward and Remove Forward from a certain day. So, for example, if you knew that the next five days you were going to be doing a list of things kept within a certain heading, you could start by creating that heading and its list for today, and then you could run the Copy Forward function. This would copy all of today’s items (except from the Remove heading) forward to all already created future days. Assuming you had more than the next five days already created, you could then go to five days from now and cut and paste that heading and its list to within the Remove heading and run the Remove Forward function from that day.

The beauty of this system is that, as a fallback, it would still have the daily copy over and remove over functions always running by default at day switch. So if you added items to your list or removed items (which requires cutting and pasting those items into the Remove heading within a subheading matching their original heading name) during the five days, you would get the days afterwards properly updated to your adjustments. However, if you removed subheadings and their items from the Remove heading without first running the Remove Forward function, those items would not be removed from any future days that already contained then when that day came.

Related feature requests (optional)

This was what sparked my idea for this request: Daily note copy

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