Add way to Duplicate/Copy Nodes/Groups on Mobile

:information_source: I use Obsidian Mobile on iPad with mouse and keyboard.

This BR is simple to explain: its NOT possible to copy/duplicate a group/node on Obsidian Mobile using these two approaches:
โ†’ Keyboard Hotkey Mod+C Mod+V
โ†’ Commands Copy Paste

:mag_right: Using the Command Palette you could see that inside a Canvas File we dont have the Copy Paste commands.


:gem: Obsidian 1.4.2
:computer: iPadOS 16.3

:sos: This BR was generated testing Obsidian Mobile in a Vanilla Vault without any plugin installed.

Steps to Reproduce

1- Open a Canvas File
2- Selecet a Node
3- Try to hit the Copy Paste hotkeys
3- Open Command Palette and search for the Copy Paste command


have you tried long pressing? I reproed too.

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Just reproduced this: indeed, thereโ€™s no way to copy or paste on Canvas on iOS at the moment.

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itโ€™s iPadOS 16.2 and not iPadOS 16.3

+1 to this. Iโ€™m using android 12 and is not possible there as well
I think this is a very valuable functionality missing in the mobile version

Related with Send to canvas and
Mobile: Is there a way to copy a part of a canvas file into another one?

Will this be fixed anytime soon?
Not sure if this is an OS limititation or an easily implementable feature, but itโ€™s def a very important feature to properly use it on Ipad
I would even consider this a bug rather than a feature

Just discovered this issue today when trying to use my iPad to work on stuff in Canvas. Major bummer.

Iโ€™m using version 1.4.5 build 104 (API v1.3.3).

I hope youโ€™ll add this feature. My workflow - I have an legend of nodes with selected colors and text templates and I copy it to the right places while โ€œdrawingโ€ or redesigning the canvas

This feature would be really useful to me as well! I primarily use desktop for my canvas work and I feel like Iโ€™m missing a limb when I work on my iPhone without copy and paste. Adding it would be greatly appreciated when you have the chance!