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It would be nice if you could select a number of items on a canvas, and then send them to another canvas. There could be a keyboard shortcut or quick command which would open a quick-select modal where the user could search for the destination canvas… the selected objects would then be moved to that canvas.

Figma has this feature, they call it “Move to page”. When designing in figma I used this feature all the time to remove clutter from my current page/workspace/canvas.


I was just about to request something similar. I built out a complex Canvas note. to trace out the paths for calculating inbreeding coefficiensts based on path notdes. Then I started another one for another animal. Now I discover that Canvas number 2 for the enw animal has genetic links tothe canvas I did for animal number 1. Iwant o tmove all of number2’s data into canvast for number 1 to link in w/o duplication.

I can see me eventually havinging a canvas that shows the pedigree for an entire population.

Then we could use programatic calcualtions to determing gentically significant measures of kinship, relationship and genetic distance. Combine with a clustering algorithm and we’ve got a really cool population genetics analysis tool useful for smaller (< 50K individuals) rare breed or endangered species populations that will aid in preserving he genetic diversity by suggested appropriate matings to conserve rare genesand maintain overall diversity in the species/breed.


Yes - example of how it’s used in Hepta:

From card library:

From within another canvas:

These would be very helpful

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A broader version of this would be to be able to use Command Click (on a Mac) to select multiple cards or nodes in a Canvas file, then select copy and thne navigate to either another canvas file and select paste or create a canvas from the selection.

Because I can see cases where I want to copy certain groups of items and add to an existing canvas as well as create a new one from a selection of items.

I upvote +1 this as well. I think this is absolutelly necessary in mobile, because there isn’t a way to copy-paste between canvas files compared to the desktop version.

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