Add star symbol to starred notes

It would be easier to find starred notes if they had a star symbol next to the file name in the file explorer (and quick switcher, search results, …). As it is now, I have to switch to Starred mode to find out if a file is starred.

Also, it should have a star symbol when viewing the file itself. Currently, I do not know if the file is starred unless I switch to the Starred view or click the “…” menu of the note.


Yes, I also could not find any other indication of which notes are started, other than going to the starred list.

It would be helpful to have global/persistent :star: -indicators next to any/all references to that filename if it is starred.

I have simulated this feature with the star-emoji, but I have to manually edit the folder/file name.

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 11.01.31 PM

Also, it would be nice to keep favorites at the top, regardless of selected sort order.

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I agree. I assumed that the note was going to be marked with :star: and therefore almost thought that I had encountered a bug.

Adding a :star:symbol! would be great!

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+1 to this! At first I thought the “star” feature was broken because there was no visual indicator. How about something like this?


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Hello friends!!
@jonastidstrom , @luckman212 , @GreenFlux and @henrikje

I think what you guys want is in this plugin:

Have a great day!

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