Add star symbol to bookmarked notes in file explorer

It would be easier to find starred notes if they had a star symbol next to the file name in the file explorer (and quick switcher, search results, …). As it is now, I have to switch to Starred mode to find out if a file is starred.

Also, it should have a star symbol when viewing the file itself. Currently, I do not know if the file is starred unless I switch to the Starred view or click the “…” menu of the note.


Yes, I also could not find any other indication of which notes are started, other than going to the starred list.

It would be helpful to have global/persistent :star: -indicators next to any/all references to that filename if it is starred.

I have simulated this feature with the star-emoji, but I have to manually edit the folder/file name.

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 11.01.31 PM

Also, it would be nice to keep favorites at the top, regardless of selected sort order.

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I agree. I assumed that the note was going to be marked with :star: and therefore almost thought that I had encountered a bug.

Adding a :star:symbol! would be great!

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+1 to this! At first I thought the “star” feature was broken because there was no visual indicator. How about something like this?


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Hello friends!!
@jonastidstrom , @luckman212 , @GreenFlux and @henrikje

I think what you guys want is in this plugin:

Have a great day!


Use case or problem

When a note is starred, there is a pop up notification saying that the note was starred. But there is no mark / icon anywhere to show whether a note has a star or not. This also means we cannot see a list of notes and see which are starred.

Proposed solution

Notes should have a star or similar icon appear next to their name in the note list and search results.

Current workaround (optional)

There are 2 ways to see whether a note has a star applied to it or not. One is to see whether it appears in the starred notes list and the other is to right click its name and check whether the option to star it appears or the option to unstar it.

Related feature requests (optional)

I could not find any other similar feature request.


As a workaround, there’s a plugin that adds the star you want. I don’t know if it still works because I stopped using starred notes a while back.