Add setting to enable simple left click link editing in Live Preview Mode

I don’t want to change my habits only for Obsidian, since lots functions not works well and don’t have any options to custom, I will only use it to link the files now…

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Something has changed in the behaviour of ALT+Click. When I press Alt+Click to edit a link, I get two cursors. Editing links is now very cumbersome. Is there a simple way to edit links? Thanks.


Indeed, the multi-cursor mode that alt-click enables interferes with the quick editing of the link. We need a way (possibly by configuration option) to place the cursor inside a link by just one or more modifier keys combined with a click. Any current alternative i could discover needs at least two sequential actions.

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For me, the biggest problem is that links open whenever I put a cursor in them. This means that, when using the arrow keys to move around, a single line of ordinary text can suddenly blow up to several lines of html junk. This severely disrupts keyboard editing.

In every other editor I’ve tried, links don’t open when you “arrow key” over them.

Also, in other editors, once you’re in “edit link mode,” it’s also much easier to select the whole URL or link text. This is useful when you want to totally rewrite the link text (select all and type over) or totally replace the URL you accidentally used (select all and paste).

So, is there an add-on for this? I have to manage many links that I also have to edit, and sometimes I accidentally left click which opens the links. This becomes annoying very quickly. Contrast this with editors such as VSCode, in which the user must Ctrl+click to open a link, to prevent accidentally opening one. If anything, I feel as though this should be a simple toggle in the software or a dropdown to edit hyperlink behavior.

I am aware of Source Mode, but I would prefer to have all my formatting rendered properly while editing my notes.