Add setting for the old way of opening links from pinned pages

Use case or problem

In 1.3, the logic for opening links from pinned pages changed:

Instead of opening links in an existing pane, it always opens links in a new tab. This is very disruptive behavior for me. I have a workflow in which I have project index pages pinned, with a pane next to it. With the old logic, I could click on links in the index page and open them in the pane next to it, which allowed me to easily bounce around between different supporting files for a project without losing the index page, and without creating a bunch of tabs. Now, links always open up in a new tab which obscures the original page and which each have to be closed when I’m done.

I’ve seen some other people in Discord who seem to have similar workflows which depend on the old behavior who were also surprised by this sudden change.

Proposed solution

Add a setting to enable the old behavior. Since this was such a fundamental change to UX, I think that’s pretty reasonable. :pray:

Current workaround (optional)

I’ve seen some people suggest that you put the pinned page in the sidebar, but this disrupts how I navigate between panes using the keyboard, and it’s also disruptive to have to move files to the sidebar, making the file navigator not visible. For these reasons, I don’t think this is a suitable workaround.

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