Obsidian Release v1.3

Released May 23, 2023

In this update, we are introducing a brand new PDF viewer. We’ve also made some tweaks to how tabs and tab groups work which should simplify the experience for new users.

  • New PDF viewer — We’ve completely overhauled the PDF viewer in Obsidian to feel more integrated within the app.
  • Misc. improvements — We’ve also made improvements to bookmarks, overhauled all the tree components in the app, and embed support for YouTube and Twitter links within your markdown files.

New PDF viewer


Misc. improvements

  • YouTube and Twitter links can now be embedded within your notes using the markdown image embed syntax (i.e. ![](https://www.youtube.com/...)).
  • We’ve redesigned all the tree components (e.g. File Explorer, Outline view) to make the visual hierarchy more clear. If you are using a custom theme, make sure to update it (Settings → Appearance → Check for updates) in case it was impacted at all.
  • Bookmarks: Added new “Bookmark this block” menu item when right-clicking on a block ID.
  • Quick switcher: Bookmarks no longer rank higher in the search results.
  • Bookmarks: Bookmark view will now show an error state if the bookmarks.json file is malformed or corrupted.
  • Spellcheck is now enabled by default in new vaults.
  • Inline titles now have spellcheck enabled.
  • When Auto convert HTML is enabled, HTML tables will now be converted to markdown tables on paste.
  • Improved Live Preview rendering performance when moving the cursor.
  • New hotkeys for interacting with the file explorer:
    • F2 to start renaming the focused file.
    • Space to open the focused file.
    • macOS: Enter to start renaming the focused file (to follow the OS convention).
    • macOS: Cmd + ArrowDown to open the focused file.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed slower performance of Live Preview when using pop-out windows on a secondary monitor.
  • Clicking on external links inside <iframe> now properly open them in the default browser.
  • Fixed opening files from File Explorer not giving focus to the new tab if “Always focus new tab” is turned off.
  • Fixed issue with multiple cursors having the incorrect selection color.
  • Frontmatter will now still be recognized if there are spaces after the ending ---.
  • Fixed file saving interrupted when closing or quitting. Now Obsidian will properly wait for the file to be saved before closing.
  • Long tables that exceed the view width will now show a scrollbar.


  • Updated PIXI.js to v7.2.4.
  • Updated Turndown to 7.1.2.
  • Updated Mathjax to v3.2.2.