Add Option to Sync "" to "Desktop computers"

Use case or problem

My current situation using Obsidian Sync :

  1. On macOS Settings > About > Override config folder is set to .obsidian
  2. On my iPad Settings > About > Override config folder is set to .mobile.iPad
  3. On my iPhone Settings > About > Override config folder is set to .mobile.iPhone

The .mobile.iPad and .mobile.iPhone folders, are not synced to macOS. The folders simply do not exist in the vault / filesystem.
(they are automatically excluded from sync on other devices.)

This makes it difficult to make changes to the mobile settings, from within macOS, for example with a text editor, etc. when installing / configuring / customizing plugins and themes.

Note that, the .mobile.* folders are also not visible and accessible in the Files app on iPad / iPhone, so you simply cannot access them (this is because iOS makes hidden folders inaccessible.)
There are workaround for this (like using iSH or other apps on iOS), but this is all very cumbersome (mounting folders in terminal, etc.)

Proposed solution

Provide an option to sync all the .mobile.* folders to Desktops as well, so the settings can be easily modified on Desktop computers.

Current workaround (optional)

For example, use a 3th party app like the iSH app to access the hidden folders on iOS.
Cumbersome, but it works.

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Came here looking for the same, and while explaining my own experience to give more details about the problem, found a solution!

Turns out that if your config folder’s name ends with iphone, it is not synced from the iphone to the mac. This is bonkers, but it’s good news for us: just use a different folder name!

In my case, I was trying to use .obsidian-iphone. The result was that the app behaved as if it created a new folder, but out of reach for iCloud syncing; it wouldn’t even see an existing folder with that name that I had previously created in the mac and synced with the vault.

However, the moment I changed the name to .obsidian-iphonekk, the folder gets synced by iCloud as any other folder!

I’m really curious about whether this is something that Obsidian is doing or a general iCloud thing, but in any case this unblocks the config syncing problem! :tada::tada:

The issue i reported is about Obsidian Sync (not iCloud.)

I’ve added it to the post for clarification.