Add Make a copy of current file (duplicate) to command palette

Right now, you can only clone a note by right-clicking in file explorer and selecting Make a copy. This would be much more accessible if it was in the command palette and in the note’s three-dot menu.


Replying to this to raise attention to this request. It would be great if making a copy of a currently open file could be done through the three-dot menu, instead of having to find the file in the file explorer.

I’d like to see this as well. Coming from Evernote I use “duplicate note” regularly as a starting point. It’s not quite the same as applying a template, since there is usually current info I’d like to preserve. A command pallet “copy note” would also work.

I just released the enhance copy command plugin, which adds the copy command to the command palette and three dot menu as requested here.

will be implemented in v1.2.1

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