Add keyboard shortcuts to manipulate the text fastly

Use case or problem

I’m a dev and normally use Sublime Text, so the use of shortcuts to manipulate the content fast is a must nowadays. For this I refer to duplicate lines, select a word with one shortcut, select a complete line, move the line up or down, put a cursor on multiple lines by click or by selection, select same ocurrences with a shortcut and maybe a good thing could be to select some lines and with a command in the palette assign a consecutive number to each line. This can save a lot of time and bring us flexibility.

Also formatting utilities like bold, cursive, etc and also change selection to a case, like uppercase, lowercase and also dashcase, snakecase, would be awesome.

Proposed solution

Examine Sublime text or Visual Studio Code to watch the behavior of this shortcuts and implement them to the editor. I’m sure this will bring a boost on productivity to someone that needs speed in text manipulation.

Current workaround (optional)

There’s no workaround. Just go to Sublime Text edit the text and then come back to Obsidian and paste it.

Related feature requests (optional)

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There are plugins that do a lot of what you’re asking, and some of what you’re asking is already in Obsidian. You might want to break your request down into more specific requests.

I’m not sure what you mean by “formatting utilities like bold, cursive, etc”: you can bold like in typical word processors by using Ctrl-B. You can emphasize with Ctrl-I. You can also accomplish these by writing the Markdown tokens ** and _ around the text you want to format.

You can move lines up and down with a keyboard shortcut. You can delete a line with a keyboard shortcut. And you can create multiple cursors by Alt-clicking.

You can add a duplicate line keyboard shortcut with one of at least two plugins that I know of that add text editor shortcuts to Obsidian.

Shortcuts for these commands would be useful:

  • close the markdown file (already <ctrl-w>, but not obviously recognizable)
  • rename the current file (preferable: <F2>)
  • switch form view to edit mode

Shortcuts for these buttons to build up speeeeed:


Showing the shortcuts, for example when the left <Alt>-key is pressed like in MS Office or integrated into the menues like in would also be useful.


To open the help panel
<F1> is already available.