Add hotkeys for headlines

Adding 1-6 hashtags is not always convenient when there are a lot of headings in the text.
You can make hotkeys ctrl + 1-6 like Typora.


+1 yes please. Have hacked this with keypress automation and use it all the time, but it’s not very reliable - if there are hashes already present it just makes a mess.


This is already requested in: Shortcuts / hotkeys for headings


Unfortunately that thread is locked and doesn’t seem like the devs care about it :confused:

If you use Templater, you can create templates for each heading level and then assign hotkeys for each template.

For example:

CTRL 1 for H1 template


CTRL 2 for H2 template


… and so on …

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I’m using decrease increase heading level in Smarter markdown hotkeys plugin.
Ctrl 2 to increase Ctrl 1 to decrease
and after ctrl 3 toggle list/todo list. etc.
I use wrap with shortcuts plugin too. But I want to do a plugin later with maybe menus with several entries by theme around this ctrl+number shortcuts.
For the moment I could do everything around ctrl+number and ctrl+shift+number
for instance on ctrl+shift+3 I have a todo list + tag todo to see it the plugin checklist.
so when I didn’t finish a paragraph in my notes, I add this to see it later.
I modified wrap with shortcuts plugin (directly the file.js in obsidian folder) removing all the trim() so I can add spaces between tags. I did this the second day I used obsidian and now I’m learning javascript css typescript to see if I can do something later around this.

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@gantengx The locked thread claims to be solved by “shortcuts-extender” plugin. Does it work for you?

It does work as a workaround, personally I think this shortcut key should be a given (it’s built in for both Roam Research and Notion) rather than installing yet additional plugin

Not to mention that plugin gave me way too much extra hotkeys that I don’t really want, so had to discard so many extra hotkeys just so that I can get header hotkey is quite ridiculous

It seems that the shortcuts-extender plugin is not working in v1.0 :frowning:

Thanks, the decrease/increase heading level hotkeys are very useful.

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