Add horizontal scrolling (using mousewheel) to Canvas

Use case or problem

Many productivity-oriented computer mice, like the MX Master 3, have a horizontal scroll wheel in addition to their vertical scroll wheel.

Currently, Obsidian Canvas-type documents support vertical scrolling with the vertical scroll wheel, but they do not support horizontal scrolling with a horizontal scroll wheel.

Currently, to scroll horizontally, one has to hold down shift while using the vertical scroll wheel.

This is less convenient, and unintuitive for users of mice that have both vertical and horizontal scroll wheels.

Proposed solution

I would like Obsidian to allow me to scroll horizontally using the horizontal scroll wheel, in addition to the current (shift) + (vertical scroll wheel) combination.

i proposed an entirely different, maybe more comfortable way to navigate the Canvas interface, just by pressing spacebar and moving the mouse.
Scrolling takes a lot of time and is, in my opinion, best for small and precise movements.

My FR is following:

This may be a compatibility problem between MX Master series and electron-built applications. You can find more detail here [BUG] Projects is unusuable for me on Windows 11. · Issue #609 · marcusolsson/obsidian-projects · GitHub