Canvas - add a new shortcut entry to pan for shortcuts

Use case or problem

I used and use a lot of artistic apps (Gimp, Ps) and graphic / DTP apps (Inkscape, inDesign) and know this belief pattern how panning must work for most people.

Why is popular belief so obsessed with spacebar+CLICK+move your pen/mouse [to pan with graphical tablets ?] Because Photoshop introduced this panning behaviour? ok, we love great software but…
Even Youtubers (i could name a few) make fun of Gimp because Gimp does not pan the same like Photoshop and this is clearly an ad to influence people. Anyway, having used both PS and Gimp i can clearly say i prefer the panning behavior of Gimp, because less “complicated” much quicker and it does the same better.

Proposed solution

Panning needs just a (1) modifier key pressed (spacebar) and moving a mouse. (example app: Gimp)

Current workaround (optional)

no workaround available, i suggest an alternative with this FR

Related feature requests (optional)

i checked for similar requests, did not find.

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