Add .folded / .open to list node in Edit / Live Preview Mode

Use case or problem

I am trying to stylize the bullet of a list based on it’s expanded / collapsed status (akin to Roam, Logseq, Dynalist)


Currently, .CodeMirror-foldgutter-folded , .CodeMirror-foldgutter-open is nested in the div node preceding the pre node that contains the bullet item. I believe this makes it impossible for CSS alone to affect the pre node based on those classes.

Proposed solution

Add .folded / .open anywhere to the pre / span node to reflect the expanded / collapsed status of the bullet list, header, etc

<pre class="HyperMD-list-line HyperMD-list-line-1 CodeMirror-line" role="presentation">
  <span role="presentation">
    <span class="cm-formatting cm-formatting-list cm-formatting-list-ul cm-list-1">

Current workaround (optional)

I’ve just stylized the gutter triangle, but there’s duplicate bullets that are not needed. It gets pretty cluttered with multiple lists.



Related feature requests (optional)

Once I can stylize the bullets, I’ll just hide the gutter until hovered like this

This + the outliner plugin = :ok_hand:

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I noticed that in the Live Preview mode (possibly the edit mode too, but I didn’t go to a previous version to check) that a <span title="unfold" class="cm-foldPlaceholder"> exists at the end of the line of a folded bullet.

And .list-bullet has been added to the bullet itself.

It would be really great if the fold status could be reflected as well on the bullet itself.

IE .list-bullet .folded or .list-bullet .open