Add Canvas Connections as Links if documents are not already linked

This might be too hairy to implement, but after creating some canvases, I wish I could add connections between nodes as links to the documents. I really like how the Canvas gives me a different way to brainstorm and make connections between things. The problem is after creating a map of documents, I don’t believe I can be aware of what connections I made while working within a document unless I add the link myself.

I think the way to add links could be a menu option, like “Add connections as links” and the [[link]] would be appended to the document. Maybe messy but better than being blind in my opinion.


I totally agree that this would be helpful. I would also agree that it is not particularly easy to come up with an obvious solution for how it might work. See: True link mode in Canvas to actually link notes, headings, etc…. But in the end, some way to define links via the creation of an actual visual connection seems like a avenue worth exploring.