Add an option to list all possible commands in command palette

Use case or problem

Since you can’t access commands without hotkey in command palette, then to access any commands by command palette, you need to set some hotkeys for that commands.
Choosing appropriate hotkeys for all the spontaneous commands you might access is quite a pain.
I mean assigning a hotkey to a command is really sort of determination to access the command by “hotkey”. I would not have access the command by it’s name if I am determined enough to assign a hotkey for the command.

Proposed solution

Since someone would not like their command palettes to suddenly be flooded with commands, some of which of might seem even peculiar, add an option to enable the command palette to access all the commands.

Current workaround (optional)

None, AFAIK.

Related feature requests (optional)

A request to enable command palette to access all switchable settings

Reference Feature

Intellij’s Find Action...

It seems it’s just some commands are not accessible from the command palette, nothing to do with whether it’s assigned hotkey or not.

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