Add an option in the mobile app to turn off vibration

Use case or problem

I am using the obsidian mobile app, and all the vibrations are annoying and loud.

Proposed solution

Add an option to turn off vibration in obsidian app.

There are no vibrations by obsidian. This is something set in your os.


If it helps, I’m using android.

But whenever I long tap a folder to add a note to it, or I long tap a note to delete it, it vibrates.

That’s the haptic feedback. I think you can disable in Android.

I tried turning off the haptic feedback and it didn’t work.

If it helps, it doesn’t vibrate on short taps.

Works for me. search touch feedback on android. The level of feedback you get is managed by Android.
We won’t change it. Sorry!

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I think it isn’t touch feedback either. I tried turning it off and it still doesn’t work.

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I have the same problem, and I already have desactivate all the vibrations from the phone. I think it should be possible to deactivate them from the app, like many applications on Android that make vibrations, with an option internal to the application.

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Which phone and Android version do you have exactly?

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, One UI 5.1 and and Android 13.

I’ll double check this

There’s another FR here Disable vibrate when accessing quick action on mobile.

I thought about merging that and this topic yesterday, but saw you were checking on it.

I’m on Galaxy Note 20, Android 13, OneUI 5.1, and I’d like to point out my findings about this issue.

I noticed that the problem isn’t on the vibration settings itself, but on the way Obsidian app “reads” vibration setting from the system (if that makes sense).

So I tried experimenting, and I can turn off haptics feedback on Obsidian just fine by going to the system settings and set the system vibration all the way down. This isn’t ideal, though, as I still prefer soft haptics for daily use. So usually I’ll set vibration strength on system settings to lowest value, but not off.

The problem with Obsidian app, with some interactions no matter which way the system vibration slider goes (as long as it’s not all the way down) , it always triggers maximum amount of vibration for some reason, which makes it really loud and annoying. All other apps behave accordingly and react to the strength of haptics set by system, in my case soft vibration only, while Obsidian just decided to ignore that and gave my phone an earthquake even with vibration settings on lowest value.

Another funny thing I noticed: in Samsung phone, there is an option to turn off “Touch interactions”. I tested turning it off, and while it turned off all haptics for touch activity, with Obsidian, it only lowers the haptics intensity by a bit. It still doesn’t follow system intensity settings, so whichever the slider goes it vibrates the same way but with Touch interactions off, vibration on Obsidian got reduced noticeably, but not gone.

I tried playing around with other settings too like gestures and keypad haptics but no other settings seem to affect the Obsidian app vibrate interactions.

So personally I have no problem with haptics per se, it’s just I don’t need THAT much vibration and Obsidian app doesn’t seem to react normally with phone’s vibration settings.

I am gonna move this back to feature requests. I’ll double check it

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Use case or problem

Whenever i pull down from the top on mobile (to access quick action), my phone vibrates. I would like to disable this (since my phone vibrates too loudly)

Proposed solution

Add a setting in mobile options to toggle vibration on pull down from the top.

Current workaround (optional)

No work arounds that I know of

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+1. Would be great if it can be disabled

+1. From me.
Sometimes it also annoying when you want to editing your canvas.

I have a Samsung s22 and Android 13, and I have the same problem.

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