Acronyms/Shorter Names Generation

Use case or problem

Sometimes when I am writing a note, I might be referring to terms that I use too much. For example, I am learning notes from my business school classes and terms such as short-term, fixed costs, Board of Directors, market size, … are terms that I refer quite a bit.

When I am writing these common terms, I would then have shorter names such as “ST,” “FC,” “BoD”, “MktS”. It saves me time when typing and provides a cleaner, tidier perspective of the notes

But what if I share these terms with another person who doesn’t use them, or if I come back to this note and I forgot its definition?

Proposed solution

I was thinking of two potential solutions. (A) To have a section in the Vault in which we could start generating our own list of acronyms/short-names and its longer version. (B) When typing a text in the note we could create the name directly in the note (something like ‘Fixed Cost’–>‘FC’ so that in the rest of the document we could just type FC.

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I use Typinator for this, on macOS. Provides a lot of flexibility and is portable beyond Obsidian. Would a text-replacement app like that serve the purpose you’re looking for?

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I haven’t tried Typinator although the benefit from this feature would not only come from typing faster but having a faster and tidier reading.

For instance, I would have

  • “The BoD approved the new PL in MX that is projected to grow 10% YoY”
  • “The Board of Directors approved the new production line in Mexico that is projected to grow 10% year-on-year”

My idea is that if I can’t remember what YoY refers to, I could hover the text and it would show the term (or potentially link to the list acronyms)