How about abbreviation pre-define in yaml frontmatter?

Feature request

how about like use abbreviation(also <abbr> tag)?


Interesting idea. Some time ago I wrote a pandoc export filter to handle abbreviations defined in a YAML frontmatter, exactly as you describe here. Anyway, I think, this feature should be implemented as a plugin (core or third-party).

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Would this be for abbreviations within the document or for the document name (for linking)?

If it’s the latter, aliases would work. I sense that’s not what you’re referring to though.

It’s abbreviations within the document.

I think the best way to do this is to have a global value(like Dokuwiki Abbreviations.), but it would be nice if it could be used locally in the documentation.


Yes, a default abbreviation list placed in the vault’s root plus local definitions in the YAML frontmatter. Locally-defined abbreviations should overwrite the default ones.


I’m in favor of this method too. :+1:

Related feature request: Acronyms/Shorter Names Generation.

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