Ability to sort different folders differently

I like the sort order feature, but not as a universal function, or at least, not a solely universal one.

Maybe something like a left-click menu option could suffice.


I have the same request. I want alphabetical order everywhere except my folder with daily notes (which are named YYYY-MM-DD). Sorting by most recent in certain folders would also be very useful to me.


+1 This would be super useful to me as well.

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Yes! Getting the daily notes sorted with the most recent on top would be awesome!


+1. Sort order by folder would be very useful. Primary use for me would be to sort time based notes (daily notes, meeting notes etc) in descending order & other folders in ascending order.

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Same, this would be great.

+1. This is a big annoyance for me when trying to keep Daily notes organized. Even just the ability to custom sort the Dailies folder independently would be enough.

Still not resolved yet?
Also see Per folder sort settings?

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+1. I like the ability to sort by last modified for general ntoes, but would be much easier to sort alphabetically for the few folders I use.

Still no option?

Not that I know of. I haven’t been around for a while, so I don’t know if anything has been done, though.


scanning older threads on forum I came across this one.
If you still need the described custom ordering feature(s), please take a look at the plugin below. I’ve created the plugin for my personal needs. After making it more mature on my personal field I’ve exposed it via github to others. Lightweight and non intrusive.

As I understand, you need to set a specific sort order for selected folder(s). If I get the intention right, the plugin could be a perfect fit