Ability to pin functions to titlebar of note

Use case or problem

Functions that I use regularly (such as close current pane or Star) are tucked away in the “more options” button of notes. This makes them inconvenient to access each time, particularly in the mobile apps where you have to go through two context menus to access these functions.

Proposed solution

Have the option to pin any of the “more options” functions to the title bar, allowing people with more space to pin more functions if so desired, while also allowing those who prefer them to be tucked away to have that.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently using shortcut keys to access them on desktop and swipe gestures on mobile, but these have limited functionality on mobile and require switching to keyboard if I’m using a mouse on the desktop.


+1, Pinning in particular would be useful to have there on tablets!

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Really agree with this! It is too unconvenient to close a pane on mobile phone :joy:

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