Shortcut for Pinning Notes

Would it be possible to have an option to move the pin back to the status bar or even better have an option to assign hotkeys to it?


+1, I really miss the pin button since the update. Even with pin button, it felt a bit tedious to click it. A hotkey would be perfect.

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In Windows7, Obsidian 0.7.4 It is available in list of hotkeys as “Toggle pin”.

Also works in Mac OS & Linux

Is this feature request still appropriate when the hotkey/shortcut exists and pin-icon is available (together with other icons) in triple-dot-icon ?

I think it is still appropriate. The sentiment behind the feature request is to make it easier/quicker to pin multiple notes. Having the pin icon visible on the status bar makes it easier/quicker to pin multiple notes.

With the pin icon visible, pinning three notes would require three actions, one click per note.

At present, pinning three notes requires more than three actions. Using a hotkey, it requires six actions: selecting the desired note three times, plus hitting the hotkey three times. Using the mouse also requires six actions (clicking the triple dot x3, clicking the pin option x3). That process also suffers from the user having to find an item on a long-ish list.

While I think this request warrants its own thread, in general I agree that it would be useful to customise which icons to appear on the status bar, as discussed in the following thread:

An additional suggestion: have the pin-icon visible (as in: greyed out but clickable) such that pinning a note can be done with the mouse.

Currently - afaik - the pin icon is only shown when the note is actually pinned. Unpinning by mouse is already possible.