Ability to edit embedded pages

In order to track actions / open checkboxes across multiple files, I have set-up a page with multiple embeds to different ### Action heading across my other pages.

However, I can’t mark a checkbox within an embedded page - I have to ctrl+click that page to open another tab. And even when I mark those checkboxes - the embed preview doesn’t update. Please see GIF below.

edit page from embed preview


I definitely second this! I embedded a monthly plan into my daily journal template, would love to be able to edit my monthly page from my daily planning page! Perhaps both non-editable embedding and editable embedding could work as distinct options – the syntax could be the standard “![[filename]]” for non-editable, and “!![filename]]” for editable?


Just wanted to add that I’d really like this feature just for standard text notes - it’s not just useful for journal entries or task management. It’s another step towards seamless text manipulation. As much as I agree with Obsidian’s commitment to individual text files, when actually interacting with notes, the distinction between separate files should be as invisible as possible.

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A popular example of inline editing is the Ctrl+E feature in Brackets.io app, to edit CSS files staying in the HTML file.

I request a similar feature in Obsidian to edit internal linked note without actually switching to the new note.


Not sure when it became possible, but, at least IME you can check/uncheck checkboxes within embedded files—but you still can’t edit text directly.

+1 here! Being able to edit embedded text without leaving the current note would eliminate a lot of friction. Looking forward to seeing this implemented :nerd_face::sunglasses:

This is the reason I’m going with Logseq instead of Obsidian. (Currently on Notion.)

Love this idea! Same I would love to edit one file that’s embedded in my daily notes. So I can quickly see it at a glance

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