Ability to add vaults to Android home screen

Use case or problem

Currently Obsidian opens to the vault that was last open. With multiple vaults, this often means adding notes to other vaults is slow since the previous one has to be loaded first, then the user has to switch to the second one. Given the usual want for speed for quick capture and plugins often slowing down the load time, this just makes things unnecessarily slow.

Thinking about things like personal/work vault separation here, for example.

Proposed solution

Ability to add Obsidian Vaults to home screen as their own icons, so the app directly opens whichever vault the icon points to. This way it’s easy and fast to access eg. work and personal notes directly.

Examples of similar features in other apps

OneNote lets users add notebooks, sections (=folders) and individual pages to the home screen. This is very convenient.

Related feature requests (optional)