Ability for links to be pasted with page's title

Current behavior: Pasting http://example.com results in literally http://example.com added to the file. Markdown automatically displays it as a link, but without title information.

Desired behavior: Allow URLs to be pasted/dragged into the form of [Page Title](http://example.com), according to the page’s HTML <title> tag. This is also how a browser saves bookmarks.

This could use an alternate shortcut such as Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + V, sharing the same mode as Ability to paste with behavior like Word's "Merge Formatting".


I like the way that the “Markdown All in One” plugin for vscode handles this. If you select text in your md, then paste a URL, it formats it like a link.

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Folding Text also formats dragged links with the title information – at least when it’s from Chrome. Very important feature as I consider switching from Folding Text.

That has been done as a plugin, also available through the app.

The OP’s description (which I also found duplicated here) is still not present, but could be made as a plugin too.

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+1, I’d love for this to be built into Obsidian rather than a community plug-in.

+1 for this feature request

I just started using Obsidian a few days ago and have been feeling this pain as I try to put sites into Notes.

I’ve made a plugin obsidian-auto-link-title which fetches the link title when you paste a URL (with no additional text) and formats the link for you.


Would you publish this as a community plugin, please?

I submitted it and am just waiting for approval. Hopefully it’ll get approved soon so you can use it!

I’ve added a few additional features as far as pulling the titles from existing URLs and updating Markdown Link titles via another command.



Hope to pass the audit quickly.

FYI there’s another plugin doing basically the same thing (but not in community plugins).