A Very serious BUG when synchronizing Win and Android

I’m pretty sure this BUG still exists in v0.12.19, so please fix it, it affects the experience very much

  1. Problem description
    Files deleted/modified in Win10, if Android is not deleted/modified, they will be synchronized back to Win10!

This is a screenshot that was deleted and automatically restored

This is a screenshot of automatically reverting to an earlier version after modification

There are many similar files, not just one or two files!

  1. Environment:
    My use environment is
  • Win10+Android11 ​​(the latest version of OB)
  • Use the official sync service
  1. Specific description
    Since Android is not commonly used, there will be a larger interval with the file version of Win. Some files deleted or modified in Win10 were not synchronized to Android in time. If you turn on Android at this time, there is a certain chance that these undeleted/modified file versions will be reverse-synchronized to Win10
    This problem has brought a lot of confusion to my use, please be sure to solve it

If necessary, I can provide more materials, please pay attention

Looking forward to follow-up resolution

Can you provide step to reproduce the problem reliably?

Is it possible that you modified the note on android and modified/deleted it on window at different times without syncing? If this is the case, what you are seeing is normal.

Let me explain this scene

  1. Most of my work is done in Win, for example, there is a file A, I completed v1.0 to v8.0 in Win

  2. During the period, I opened Android, so Android synced A file v1.0, but it never opened again

  3. So at this time, the A file on Win is v8.0, and on Android it is v1.0

  4. Then one day, I opened Android, and the v1.0 file of A file was synchronized back to Win

  5. There are 2 situations at this time
    -If the v8.0 and v1.0 names of the A file are different, there will be two files v8.0 and v1.0 on Win at the same time
    -If the A file v8.0 and v1.0 have the same name, the content of v1.0 will overwrite v8.0, or sometimes it will be appended to the content of v8.0

If you need, I can provide documents, these documents should contain historical version information, you can analyze the reason

Here are a few screenshots of mine
There are many such files, I just list 4 files:

As can be seen:

  1. Since Android was opened on November 24, these files were synchronized from Android to Win on November 24
    (Lee in the picture is Win, One Plus7T is Android)

  2. Some files have been deleted by me on Win, but because they are still on Android, they synced back again

  3. Some files I modified in Win are the latest, but Android has overwritten the old version (compare file size and time can be seen)

As for the multi-window operation you mentioned in Android, I can make sure that this is not the case, because in addition to Win, the editing experience of other terminals such as Android and iOS needs to be improved, so I just browse on the Android terminal and will not edit or delete. Operation of

Please confirm this bug, I think it is very serious, I will cooperate with you as much as possible

However, under normal circumstances, I think it should be:

  1. Android should sync the latest version of A file
  • If A file is deleted, Android A file v1.0 should be deleted
  • If the A file is a more advanced version, Android A file v1.0 should be synchronized to the higher version
  1. During synchronization, users should be prohibited from editing and remind users to avoid version confusion

  2. After syncing, suppose I edited the latest version on Android, this version should be synced to the cloud, and then synced to other apps

I am not sure I follow you. I believe what happened is that you opened and modified the file on android and that change was than propagate to win. I believe this happened:

  1. Create file on win
  2. Synchronize
  3. Modify on win
  4. Delete on win
  5. Modify on android
  6. Synchronize

The android version will be recreated on desktop and this is normal.

If this is not the case, I kindly ask you to provide a series of steps (like I did above) so that I can reproduce a bug.

As mentioned before, I don’t have any operations on Android because it’s too much trouble. I just use Android to browse files.

If you don’t believe me, I can provide the original file, you should be able to view all the operation records

Let me repeat the steps again, replacing all files as A file

  1. Create A file v1.0 in windows

  2. Open the A file on Android and synchronize A file v1.0 to Android

  3. Edit A file to v9.0 in windows

  4. After a period of time (I do not open the Android to check the frequency, because of this problem, I do not open it when I have to, it will be a long time interval, about a few weeks), open the Android,

  5. Android sync A file v1.0 to windows (according to whether the A file is renamed, it will be overwritten, or v1.0 or v9.0 exists at the same time)

The deletion situation is similar

I wonder if my description is the detailed reproduction you need? This is my real experience

If you need, I can provide the original .md file, or any file you need, to help you locate the BUG

I kept a part of these problematic documents, but did not delete them completely (because there are too many)

I very much look forward to you guys being able to solve this bug, because this bug greatly affects the user experience

We don’t need the files.

I have been unable to reproduce this. Do you have plugins that change the content of files in your vault?

If you mean that after Android synchronizes the files, the Android plug-in automatically modifies the files, which leads to errors

Logically this situation does exist

I want to confirm whether this is really the case

But I can’t find out which plugin it is.
there are indeed a lot of them, and I don’t know how to compare, judge and troubleshoot which plug-in has problems in Android. . .

I just turned on the phone and took a screenshot of the Android plug-in

If you convenient, can you help me to confirm it? Or tell me how to troubleshoot the problematic plugin

I suddenly realized that if Android has plug-ins automatically modified to cause this problem, there are some doubts.

  1. Take the A file as an example. If the A file v8.0 is deleted in windows, when opening the A file v1.0 on Android, even if it is modified by the X plug-in, should the A file be upgraded to v8.0 first? Modify it again?

In other words, when Android reversely synchronizes the A file back to Windows, it does not verify whether the A file is the latest version through the cloud, nor does it perform version synchronization, so it directly sends the original A file back.
Are there any problems with this mechanism?

Many of my error files are synchronized with very early original versions, and the file size of the history can also be seen

  1. The situation of deletion is similar, the A file is v8.0 in Windows, and it is deleted, and it is v1.0 when the Android A file is opened.

At this time, suppose there is an X plug-in that modifies the A file of v1.0. Should you also check the cloud first, and after finding that the A file is deleted, delete it instead of syncing it back to Windows?

Hello, what is the current conclusion of this BUG? Is there a solution? Doesn’t seem to be easy to solve

If this bug cannot be solved temporarily, please reply to me, and I can decide whether to continue to use the official sync and Android


I am unable to determine if there is a problem on our end or if you or plugin modified the file on Android. I want to remind you that you can use sync history (and file recovery plugin) to recover previous versions of your files.

Feel free to make you decision.

Hello, I have adopted your opinion. On the mobile phone, all plug-ins of OB are closed, and it is only used to browse the files of the PC.

But recently this problem appeared again, the experience is really very bad

The BUG is also very outrageous. The content of the old version is directly superimposed on the new version, causing the content to be doubled directly.

As Figure 1

I want to remind you that use sync history is very troublesome, because this bug syncs dozens of files by mistake at one time

As Figure 2 , this is the wrong problem file that I used to filter the dataview at the same time, a total of 52

I can be sure that I have absolutely no one to modify these files on the phone

I still solemnly ask you to pay attention to this bug. I can cooperate with the investigation. Otherwise, this bug has seriously affected my experience. If it cannot be fixed, I would like to apply for a refund of the synchronization service. Don’t worry, how much time is left? back how long


The fact that the content is doubled is not a bug but the result of the merging algorithm struggling to reconcile the two versions.

This can happen when you edit heavily the same file on multiple devices without synchronizing or you have a third party app substantially modifying your files (maybe a backup solution you run in the background).

It’s not what I did, and I won’t do it

There is a description in my reply, on the phone I just use it to browse the content, I will not edit the content at all

Also, at the same time, I will only use one device to edit content

For the synchronization service, I only use the OB official service, not the third-party service. The official service should be enabled in real time, and my environment is always connected to the Internet.

I honestly find this strategy really bad, the user editing experience sucks when different versions of content are mixed together, especially with YAML

what about your desktop? Do you have something on your desktop that can potentially change the content of your files? Like Obsidian plugins or an external backup or sync solution?

Do you have sync logs of when this happened (both phone and pc)?

I use a lot of plugins for the desktop client

But I don’t understand, what does this have to do with the desktop?

Judging from all the current bugs, they are triggered by the mobile phone.

Of course, if you need, I can provide synchronization logs, as well as detailed configurations of desktop clients and mobile clients to help troubleshoot bugs

I just checked the PC client, and the synchronization log on January 18 has been overwritten. I wonder if the local file is stored?

A file can be modified on both sides, so the state of the file on the desktop is important too.

If this problem happens to multiple files at the same time, it more likely that this is problem with some plugin or with an external sync/backup solution.
What plugins do you run and do you have any other program monitoring your vault?

Just from the results, all the problem files are the wrong superposition, modification, and file deletion and restoration triggered by the mobile phone.

Do you have an email? I will send you my plugin list and enablement

At the same time, in addition to the official OB synchronization service, I have not used third-party synchronization services, or other services to monitor the vault