A Typora-like editing mode (edit and preview at the same time)

But there’s nothing to stop you using Typora as your usual editor in Obsidian. That’s one of the advantages of using files and folders rather than a database like Roam.

And that probably makes it less urgent than features where there’s no reasonable solution now.


For stuff from scratch, just write in Typora with files saved in vault. You can type links, even without autosuggest.

For edits, have Typora as default md editor and press the default editor button.
Or simply open that note from the Typora panel.

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You are right. it’s for my use case.

I don’t know what’s the meaning of ‘transclusions’.

Graph view, it is cool, but it currently does not give me too much help on my workflow.

Wiki links belongs to Link/Backlink, I love this feature.

CSS, Typora has some themes, and you can edit these css. I think it is customisable.

Typora does not have a open, accessile dev team. I agree, that’s why I comment in this forum and hope the dev team can hear me. but still, as a markdown editor, Typora is better than Obsidian. Another example, Ulysses, as an editor, is also better than Obsidian, And Ulysses does not have a very open, accessible dev team too. I mean, if a software can pefectly meet my requirements, I would be very happy even if it does not have a forum or an accessible team.

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Thanks, I know I can still use Typora as my default editor. But it is not a smooth workflow. For example, while I am writing a note in Typora, If I need to add a [[link]], I have to switch to Obsidian to do this. Another choice maybe finish the note in Typora, then open it with Obsidian to add links. All of this will distract my attention. I just whant to use only one editor during my note taking process.

If you remember the name of the notes you want to link, you can just type it in. Obsidian will recognise it when you open the note there.
If you don’t remember, all the notes can be read from the folder panel in Typora.

No need to switch while writing at all.


Thanks. This is currently the best solution.

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I know this request has been discussed here and in multiple other places, but I still want to add a +1 for it.

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I wanted this feature too. I do not like having the preview pane open along with the edit pane.

But…just today, I came across this thread on the meta post and it works quite well. Not quite 100% but almost there!


Thanks @pihentagy!

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+1 for this!!!
Bear, a Mac app, is a tool that successfully coexists markdown and Inline Preview. >> https://bear.app/

In addition to the Inline decoration of the text, I think the display of images on Inline is very useful.
It makes the thinking during writing smoother.


When WYSIWYM is provided, please provide a switch to turn it off for persons who don’t like WYSIWYM like me.



For me Bear model is more what I am looking for then typora, but both good. They key issue for me in obsidian is not being able to see images in edit mode. I dont like double pane edit/preview, and would live in edit mode if I had option to see images inline.

I would say this would be my top request for next 6 months.

Btw loving obsidian, great job !


Yes, totally agreed that the main issue is viewing embeds (not just images, but also viewing embedded ![[]] note text) in edit mode.

To be honest, with CSS tweaks I feel like I am already 80% of the way to WYSIWYM within the existing edit mode. Just need to be able to render embedded content without switching to preview.


Personally, I find it frustrating when I have to click on a separate button to view what I have typed in Markdown. I am not suggesting of the removal of this feature. I think it would be great if there is an extra option where you can edit in the preview mode.

Thank You!


That would be the WYSIWYG mode, which is in the works but I believe still a while off


Or have edit and preview open at the same time.


The idea of being able to edit the preview directly could be very dangerous. Let me explain why i say such a thing…

The Theory

It seems clear that the app revolves around 2 distinct modes: edit & preview. There is good reason and precedent (vim, TiddlyWiki, emacs, etc…) for this not to mention the underlying rationale that we are at all times editing our very own text files in markdown.

I believe that each mode should rather be strenghened as much as possible for its unique place and that the user should always have a very clear direction of where they need to go to get what they need done - and be able to get in & out of that functionality as quickly as possible.

The Practice

Currently the shortcut key Control+E allows you to toggle between edit & preview mode and this is critical but not enough IMHO and the remainder is where I see the biggest gap in the app so far…

For multiple states to work the app requires very clear, quick & easy navigability between the various app sections/panes. The main spots you can be in at any point in time are:

  1. Choosing a file via the File Explorer or Search Pane
  2. Editing a heading (via File Explorer or Header of file pane)
  3. Editing a file
  4. Previewing a file (or many)

Currently, where Obsidian falls down is that I don’t know where in this morass of possibilities I am at any point in time AND I cannot figure out how to navigate between one and the other via the keyboard.

I think it is critical that the Architect gets these states nailed down at this early state AND how the transitions happen between them. The last thing we need is another potential “state” that the app can be in at any one time. This is one of the things people are sub-consciously referring to when they refer to an app with “feature bloat”.


I like WYSIWYG. It reduces cognitive load when writing when part of the process involves reading what has just been written.
Common option in many but not most markdown programs.
Liked by users, disliked by many plaintext purists.

The main risk is that the underlying markdown may not be what you think it is. Many users won’t mind that because they’d rather not have to learn markdown.


100% agreed - I think this is a pretty important feature. The number of people who want a smooth working experience is likely astronomically higher than the number of people who care about markdown.


+1 to that.

Paper is a really fun editing experience since it combines markdown with WYSIWYG. I understand that there are different challenges to overcome in Obsidian, but it seems like a good starting point for inspiration on how this could be implemented.

It sure would make editing & reading tables so much easier.

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