A Snippet that steals the callout float functionality from BlueMoonDragon's wonderful Wikipedia Theme

I’ve used the Wikipedia Theme from BlueMoonDragon07 for a long time, but have been getting antsy and wanted to switch to something else for a little. An issue with that has been that I love the ability to float callouts. Basically you can type

>[callout | right]
> fake text

and the callout will appear on the right side of the screen, with the rest of the content of the note filling it in. Also available as options are left and normal (centered)

I know almost literally nothing about CSS, but have combed through the Wikipedia theme’s CSS file and extracted everything (afaik) that’s required to make it work in whatever theme you like!

Uploaded it to Github here

Note: I’ve also saved a few other things that I think are useful, but can be easily deleted.
These being the changes to the info callout (floats right by default, title doesn’t appear), and the deletion of callout icons. I think it’s mostly selft explanatory what you need to delete from the file to get this stuff gone though

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