A new Markdown KJV Bible Obsidian vault: simple, with navigation and study helps

With thanks to PMBauer, Mike Schmitz, and Joschua’s Bible Kit, here is my version of the Bible in Markdown. I’m sharing it as a complete Obsidian vault to give beginners a good experience from the get-go. You can, of course, take the folders that interest you and drag them into your existing vault.

What makes it different from what’s already out there?

  • It’s the King James Version
  • Each verse has been separated into its own tidy Markdown file, rather than using block references, making embedding a very simple task. For example, you can type [[John 3.5]], instead of [[John 3#^v5]]. This allows other file embedding apps like iA Writer to work beautifully with these files.
  • Navigation links at the beginning and end of each chapter page mean you can read it like a regular Bible
  • It’s typographically pretty in a minimalist kind of way
  • Each book has its own index page, referenced at the top of each chapter in that book. The index page contains a list of chapter links, and sections for favourite verses and general notes.
  • There’s a built-in, organised way to collect your favourite Bible verses in one place. I call them Hope Scriptures; you can rename them according to the topic you’re currently studying.