A Markdown augmentation providing a unified set of icons for use in notes

I’m a huge fan of the Remix Icon set, and love to use them whenever I have a good excuse.

We can of course put emoji in our notes, but emoji are almost always colorful, when what I want is monochrome.

Remix Icon already ships CSS providing the conventional <i class="icon-name></i> markup, and with a bit of Base64 wizardry I think I could get them working in Obsidian.

But it would be cooler if Obsidian had a plugin that enabled me to use a shorter syntax, maybe like ![i](icon-name).


this is an awesome idea! I really like it. It’s intersting how one can copy Remix Icons and paste them as svg.

It’s pretty good but of course it only looks good in obsidian’s preview mode, in editor mode it’s bulky text.

I guess a WYSIWYG mode would make it more aesthetic.

Great idea, I’d love to see if this is possible

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awesome idea, +1, oh man graph view could get so gnarly

Yeah, and I can’t wait to have different kinds of links, so that I can filter, e.g., for links from “Car” to parts like “Engine” and “Wheel”, while ignoring links from “Car” to specific cars like “Saturn Aura” or “Mazda Miata”. I hope we get that someday, because then we can have different colors for those links, and maybe also iconography as well.

Are icons not a part of Standard Github Markdown?
Have a look at https://gist.github.com/rxaviers/7360908#file-gistfile1-md
A pretty big list of Icons is mentioned there.
Normally you should be able to display them putting them between backticks.
Don’t know why this doesn’t work because almost everything else displayed in the Github Flavored Markdown and CommonMark standard is adhered to.
Mayby the Devs know what the problem is.

Here’s an experimental plugin to use Remix Icon set (and other icon sets) directly within your Obsidian notes. Obsidian Icons Plugin – Use Icons in your Obsidian Notes

I’m curious to hear what you think!