A good way to separate active from "archived" notes?

I know, folders.

But say you’re seven folders deep in the hierarchy, and you really just have three notes here, and one of them is the one you want, and the other two are for stuff you’re already finished with.
Clearly you want them to still be searchable, but you don’t necessarily want to see all of them in the folder hierarchy - and you DEFINITELY don’t want to have to make new “archived” folders inside every existing folder just to hide those notes.
In fact - if you could, you’re probably want to be able to hide all folders with no non-archived notes…

Or at least I do.

So what’s a good way to do this?

I was thinking of tagging with #archived and write a plugin to hide them, with a hotkey to toggle the hiding, but if there’s an easier way, I’d rather do that.


I keep my active projects in folders (1 folder per project), and most of my “archived” notes in the root. Since folders are listed on the top in the navigation pane, this works reasonably well.

I have a variety of “archive” folders.

  • stuff that looked enticing but wasn’t interesting
  • stuff that hasn’t been processed in a reasonable timescale
  • stuff I’ve read and processed
  • stuff I’ve worked on but stalled
  • completed projects

The first is retained so I don’t get enticed a second time. The second has stuff that might be worthwhile if I have the need and time.
These are global archives - I don’t have multiple little archives in different projects.
This could be done by tags rather than folders, but folders make them more accessible to other programs that might not understand Obsidian tags. And keeps them hidden from anything active.