A DnD Character sheet I made using Canvas! (complete with working deathsaves counter)

This is a DnD character sheet I made for my current character. It’s designed to be visually striking, user-friendly, and customizable to whatever type of character you play. Made with Canvas and one long CSS snippet. No plugins required (except valentine195’s Dice Roller plugin for the last-minute addition of a 3D rollable hit dice.

GitHub link: https://github.com/epictris/canvas-character-sheet


  • Visual customization is achieved purely through a CSS snippet
  • Every field is easily editable
  • Non-essential node movement/resizing is disabled to improve UX
  • Image backgrounds expand fluidly as the content inside them grows
  • Functional deathsaves counter (give it a try)
  • Rollable 3D hit dice (thanks valentine195)

This is a prototype, so keep in mind that minimal effort has been made to ensure compatibility with any themes/plugins. Enable this snippet in your own vault at your own risk. (it’s not going to do any damage, but it might temporarily mess with how your other canvases look)


great work

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I’ve been playing around with your code, and allow me to say: wow. The implementation isn’t rocket surgery: it’s using the canvas and sprinkling some CSS. But the concept: :exploding_head:

Huge fan of your work, and I’m having loads of fun playing around with the CSS.

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