8 + 8 snippet

I recently read about an 8 + 8 snippet in a (closed) thread about Colorized Text?, however, when I tried to click on links to the snippet I got a 404 (missing page) error. The snippet looks really useful. Can anyone who has it post it here? Thanks.

It would be helpful to include the broken link so others can help you search faster.

It looks like you are looking for this 8+8 highlight snippet (https://github.com/steveyang331/Obsidian-css/tree/main/8%2B8%20highlight%20colors) ?

The original poster appears to have deleted their github account.

A quick search of the forum turned up this (see magnifying glass in upper right).

At the bottom of that post are some links.

That might be what you were looking for?

That’s it! Thank you.

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