1.0 Appreciation

I just wanted to share some 1.0 love :heart:

I’ve been messing around with Obsidian since one of the first days and I’ve always loved its possibilities, but somehow I was always pushed away because it felt too messy and non-native. Version 1.0 has changed that for me. Especially the iPhone app is a huge difference to me and feels like a proper app, but also the desktop version with actual tabs, bread crumbs, a balanced default layout, is a huge deal breaker for me.

Thanks guys and keep up the great work!


1.0 on Android is a phenomenal improvement. I didn’t even know my app updated and I noticed myself using new features before I really realized it, that’s how intuitive it is.


1.0 was a huge milestone. I already loved Obsidian, but 1.0 took it to the next level.

And for any pain points or visual changes I didn’t quite care for, I just fixed up with CSS snippets. That’s a point a lot of other Apps make me dislike them for: they’ll update with a “fresh look”, but there’s no way to change anything if you dislike the changes. But with Obsidian you can.