0.11.0 - moving file shows toast notification "Successfully renamed"

  • Obsidian 0.11.0
  • macOS 11.2

Right-click a file in File explorer → “Move file to…” → choose destination

A toast popup will appear congratulating you on Renaming the file:


I guess when you think in terms of mv in Unix being the single tool for both moving & renaming, this almost makes sense. But, it’s probably better if it says “Successfully moved file” in this case…

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Note that creating a new file (cmd-N) and typing in a name for it also generates a “Successfully renamed file.” message - which I’m sure is technically true (since it was created as “Untitled x” and renamed when the user types in its name), but it does look odd from a UI perspective.

As a user, I would probably expect that message to be suppressed if the file is renamed before the input focus leaves the file name field.

(In other words, if I create a new file, type some content, then go back and change its name, the rename message would be expected; creating a new file, immediately typing its name in the highlighted input box [the file name box], and then hitting e.g. tab to edit it, the message seems a bit non sequitur.)

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I have just created issue: Strange message and not translatable when dragging files in "File explorer" · Issue #357 · obsidianmd/obsidian-translations · GitHub
in the Obsidian translations.

And then I saw your message. I noticed the same behavior and message when I dragged a file to another folder.

/Henrik :slight_smile:

This is probably because of the change to expose the “rename and update links” operation in 0.11.0; I would guess the toast is intended to signal that all of the links to the file have been updated, but is not needed for cases where no links actually needed to be updated. Perhaps the message should read “n link(s) updated”, if n>0, and be omitted otherwise.

will be fixed in 0.11.1