Zotero -> zotfile -> mdnotes -> obsidian -> dataview Workflow

Thank you so much for the link
I will check it out

Sorry for the delayed response. Seems there is something wrong with my notifications for the forum as I was not aware of the reply till I logged in

Regardless TY for the help :))

I have the same q for you @Caffae
Could you tell me the diff between Wiki style vs internal links by any chance?

This sounds like a bug! Mind opening an issue for me in the mdnotes repo? There shouldn’t be any escaping in the alpha version, but maybe I haven’t added that check everywhere. Could you add some details if you know when/how this happens?

Yes, I have it as Wiki style

Opened an issue :slight_smile:
not sure why this is happening but uploaded all my settings on the github issue here

Hi @stpag, I’d love to know how you generate the formatting in the screenshot you have attached. I’m pretty new to Obsidian, so apologies if it’s something simple I’ve missed.

It’s the admonition plugin

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In the Highlights app, can you also find the same colors as in Cat’s workflow? I simply can’t seem to find “gray” and “blue” according to the placeholders “argument” and “confusion”.

@Cat, this is fantastic, I can’t thank you enough for this comprehensive documentation! It’s saved me a ton of time I would have otherwise had to spend figuring this out on my own. As a PhD student, I basically live in/with my Zotero library and Zotfile PDF extractions - being able to have my annotations in Obsidian is a huge boon when it comes to processing those highlights. If you want to reply or DM me with your Venmo/Paypal/CashApp/etc. username, I’d love to buy you a coffee!

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Where were you when I needed you Obsidian? Funny story, completed my MSc Emergency Planning and Management only for my graduation to be cancelled due to a global pandemic, the irony! This post reminds me of my endless search during my studies for what is now called Obsidian. I came up with a system and managed but this is exactly what I was looking for. This is an excellent app with many use cases and now being on mobile it has become more useful. Thank you devs! Also, @kqfkq good luck with you PhD, and I am sure this app and its integration for referencing is going to prove invaluable. After all, synthesis is a significant challenge an this may well b the sowing machine to help stitch it all together. Awesome.


I have the grey highlight at the bottom of the set when they are on the right hand side of the iPad screen. Blue is 5th down between green and pink. Here’s a sample showing all th ce colors.

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Thank you for the help. Will test it tomorrow, but I think I tried all the colors. Will test it again - otherwise I’ve might have done something wrong in the Zotfile settings.

Can someone help me figure out how to get the Mdnotes {{yamlfoo}} placeholders to work? I have successfully modified other placeholders like {{title}}, but not {{yamltitle}}.

Exporting the citation will put nothing in the spots for {{yamlfoo}} placeholders. I exported two papers with no attached PDFs or extracted notes (see screenshot)

The green-boxed areas show the empty places where {{yamlfoo}} should be inserted (Edit on top, Preview on bottom). I didn’t take a screenshot, but the issue persists if I try to put the placeholders in the YAML heading instead.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the custom placeholders, but I copied them on the left to be sure. I looked through the mdnotes documentation, which says:

The preference name should be extensions.mdnotes.placeholder.<yourFieldHere> , where yourFieldHere should match a supported Zotero field. Keep in mind that Zotero fields are usually accessed using camel case, and should be (usually) formatted as fieldName , e.g. seriesTitle .

Since yamltitle or yamlauthorlist aren’t Zotero fields, how did other people get these placeholders to work?

UPDATE: I accidentally stumbled on the documentation for the upcoming v0.2.0 release, which looks like it may address this specific issue.

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Indeed! On the releases please use the latest alpha! I’ll try to release the current version as soon as I have a little more time!

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Hello argentum ,

Thank you for your plugin. I am having trouble getting the Zotero Publication field to play with MDNotes. I am using:

  • extensions.mdnotes.placeholder.publication
  • {"content":"{{field_contents}}", "link_style": "wiki", "list_separator": ", "}
  • {{Publication}} placeholder in my MD notes default template

But no Publication information arrives at the placeholder in my Created MD file.

What could I be doing wrong here?

Another query I have, is how to manage empty placeholders.

Currently an empty placeholder is deleting the paragraph line. Which brings the next inline dataview field up into the previous placeholder’s inline field.

By way of example, here there was no PDF placeholder, and the next line - Collections::.... was brought up into the PDF:: field, thus causing problems with Dataview tables calling up - Collections::


What would you suggest here? Can I modfiy the placeholder value with \n somewhere? Or do you recommend having a paragraph between placeholders?

Hi @stpag could You share the script you wrote?
I wish I could use it as inspiration to write my own script.
Thank you in advance

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sorry to bother you ask it here . but do you know how to stop zotfile adding the first line of the note in the title? it makes the titles long (problomatic with windows max character limit) and ugly. i am looking at config file and .pdfExtraction setting and there is no variable for that that i can see

This question was kindly answered / solved on the Discord #Academia channel, where argentum helped me understand the function of MDnotes better!