Zotero Tags to Obsidian via Annotations

Hi everyone,

I am trying to integrate my Zotero tags of the paper in the annotations note.

I guess I have to place it in this line (extensions.zotero.annotations.noteTemplates.highlight), but I don’t know how.

Maybe someone has implemented this workflow and can help me :slight_smile:

Best regards

How are you getting the Zotero note into Obsidian?

See the following resources:

Thanks, but I wasn’t asking for help, I was asking to see how to best help you.

That Zotfile / mdnotes workflow is quite outdated (from 2020), in the sense that it precedes the Zotero Integration plugin, which arguably revolutionized the Zotero to Obisidian workflow. It makes the integration of Zotero and Obsidian a lot more convenient. It can also extract annotations directly from PDFs, so you don’t need Zotfile for this purpose.

I think you can add tags to your note using the config editor, though. See the Zotero docs:

But I recommend moving on to Zotero Integration.


I can heartily recommend migrating to Zotero Integrator. I don’t have the time to polish mdnotes anymore and ZI is actively developed and maintained.


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