[Zotero Note Syncing] Any possible way to store metadata along with link?


I’m new here and not sure if this discussion is correctly posted. Please remind me if I did anything wrong!

Background information

I’m the developer of this Zotero plugin: windingwind/zotero-better-notes(github.com), which aims to enhance the note workflow in Zotero. It is quite popular with Zotero users and has gained more than 1.2k stars since its first release in May 2022.

This plugin provides a simple way to keep a Zotero note in sync with a markdown file, which works in two-path. This means all metadata must be retained in the corresponding markdown file. So far it works well.

Problem Description

There are bug reports that Obsidian cannot recognize links in HTML:

<a href="./Test-Note-Y4JNAYGB.md" rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow" zhref="zotero://note/u/Y4JNAYGB/?line=48" ztype="znotelink">Test Note</a>

Is there any possible way to keep the metadata, e.g. zhref, and make it compatible with Obsidian’s link format?

The origin issue: Obsidian中无法识别链接的subnotes[Bug] · Issue #296 · windingwind/zotero-better-notes (github.com)

Thank you in advance!



Hi windingwind,
I started using your plugin recently and I love the bidirectional syncing! I just encountered the same issue and found a workaround. If you add class="internal-link", then it works in Obsidian.

However, when making this change, the syncing will remove the link. I think this might be because your plugin does not recognize the class. Similarly, Zotero internal links with [[]], are escaped with backslashes after sync, thus breaking the functionality in Obsidian.

Thanks for your work, I’m looking forward to seeing this plugin grow! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report. I am planning to make the [[]] link from markdown keep its format when syncing back to MD while making other links HTML links.