Zotero Integrations - Import Multiple Zotero Items?

Recently installed and activated the Zotero Integration Plugin - it is a fantastic addition to my workflow.

Has anybody been able to succesfully import multiple items at once (e.g. by selecting multiple zotero entries in classic / normal view)? At my side, it only seems to import one note and refuses to import any other zotero files selected (standard templates/no name changes whatsoever - just citekeys as title).

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It works for me like this:

  1. Use the command palette to trigger an import
  2. Choose Classic view


  1. press Multiple sources

  1. Make my selection and press the green right-arrow to move the items into the selection box

  1. Press OK to Import

You’re a star @Feralflora - totally missed the multiple sources part for some reason. You made my day (and work flow)! Thx a lot.

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