Zotero integration templating issue

What I’m trying to do

Hello I have some issues with templating, I am complete begginner, so if someone can help me, it would be great, thank you.

I am trying to use new template for the zotero intergration I have created. I cannot understant where the mistake is. Both following parts woked independetly but when I have tried to merge them the resulting annotation is empty.


**Tags :** {{hashTags}}



{% for annotation in annotations -%} 
    {%- if annotation.annotatedText -%} 
    {% if annotation.color == "#5fb236" %}
<font color="#92d050">{{annotation.annotatedText}}</font>
    {% elif annotation.color == "#2ea8e5" %}
<font color="#00b0f0">{{annotation.annotatedText}}</font>
    {% elif annotation.color == "#ffd400" %}
<font color="#ffff00">{{annotation.annotatedText}}</font>
    {% elif annotation.color == "#ff6666" %}
<font color="#ff0000">{{annotation.annotatedText}}</font>
    {% else %}
    {% endif %}
    Page {{annotation.page}} 
    {%- endif %} 
    {%- if annotation.imageRelativePath -%}
    ![[{{annotation.imageRelativePath}}]] {%- endif %} 
{% if annotation.comment %} 
{% endif %} 
{% endfor -%}

Thank you very much!

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