Zotero Integration – Import Templates?

Thank you very much for your resource material made publicly available. It is extremely valuable.

If anyone is interested, I have made some changes to the template to cater to the new Properties features and also annotation tags.
See multiple variations with some custom options here:

NB: For the template there to work (with the project tag conversion and all), you need to have the author’s javascript files filed away.

Thanks everybody for your great templates! I’m currently building my own and was wondering if it’s possible to export each child-note in Zotero into separate Markdown files, ideally a linked to from a metadata file?

For longer books, I tend to write quite extensive notes, separated by chapter and filled with copy-pasted annotations, and the Zotero note can get really long in that case. Ideally, I could loop through all notes and create a new file for each.

My current code looks like this, but lacks the capability to create separate notes:

{% for note in notes -%}
{%- set noteID = ["id-", note.key] | join | lower -%} 
{% persist noteID %}
{% if note.dateModified > lastExportDate %}

{% endif %}
{% endpersist %} {% endfor -%}
{%- endif -%}


In addition, if any of you know how to modify the above code in order to persist notes that have not been modified but override notes that have been modified?

I want to be able to add block references, additional notes, once a Zotero note is “finished.” With the code above, the modified note is appended, which is quite annoying to clean up

I think you may be conflating some things here, because nothing in @erazlogo’s Zotero Integration template itself relies on Templater or any javascript. The tag conversion is handled by Zotero Integration using nunjucks without the involvement of Templater.

Templater and user scripts aren’t used until after the import for processing the imported note and extracting content to new notes.

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Indeed. Noted. Corrected.

Conflation happens, when you try to do a Templater script that is above your head. :slight_smile:

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