Zotero drag and drop to obsidian : text format not as wanted

I juts discovered that it is possible to drag and drop directly, PDF link, annotations or citations from zotero to a note in obsidian wich seems absolutely easy and perfect. This video shows the result :

The problem is that in my case I get a “HTML” format in obsidian and not the markdown :

I checked the preferences in zotero and it seems ok :

I don’t find any parameter to change in Obsidian but maybe I need to do something.

Any idea ?

Configuration :
Ubuntu 22.04
Zotero 6.0.35

Thank you

I also see this on Linux (Fedora 40). Indeed, this is probably something that has not fully been worked out for Obsidian on Linux. A workaround is to use the right-click menu to copy an item to the clipboard, then use Ctrl+Shift+V to only paste text.

Thank you,
I can’t reproduce your solution : where in Zotero do you right -clic to copy the item. The only item in the menu is “export the note” but it open the file manager to create a md file in a folder of my choice. I can’t paste anything.

The workarounds are a far cry from simply dragging, or at least copying/paste, but for some aspects it can be done:

For copying a reference

  • right-click one or several items, select “Create Citation/Bibliography”. Select “Copy to Clipboard”.
  • In Obsidian, paste using Ctrl+Shift+V (text without formatting)

A note can be exported as markdown:

  • Right-click, then Export Note. THere you can set the format to be markdown
  • Copy the markdown from the file into obsidian

When a PDF is dragged into Obsidian, it is imported into the Obsidian vault and embedded (displayed) in the note with a ![[…]] link. The same happens if you copy a file in the file manager (Files in standard Ubuntu) and paste.

I do not use the Zotero annotation features - I have my PDF files open in Evince, so I cannot test that aspect.

Pasting a clickable link that would open a PDF outside the vault from within Obsidian is also a difficult one. It would require a script to turn the path into a file:// URI.

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